• OktoberFest:Thumbs up to students Bryce Walsh, Zayne Walterscheid, and Sage Quinn for spending the entire day at Oktoberfest to help the little and not so little ones paint rocks! It was a fun afternoon. Also thank you to Maya Wong for helping with the set-up. Special gratitude to Sonya Wong and Lizabet Sharpe for being there when we most needed it!
  • Tahoe City Art/Community Service: Bell’s mom, Trina Gold (Artist in Residence at Boatworks Mall) has invited our school to create a Day of the Dead/Halloween installation. This is a great opportunity for all students to showcase their creative skills and our school to shine in the community! Installation date is October 10, so we need some help! What to look for at home.
  1. Any kind of billowy dress we can cut up.
  2. Dark men’s attire. Old suit jackets? Dress Shirts? Vests?
  3. Sheer fabrics in bright colors, black or white. No Neutrals. The more worn the better.
  4. Fake flowers.
  5. Altar materials. Nothing nice or valuable. It will be in public.
  6. Heavy duty fishing line and thumbtacks