Social Emotional Learning

Our Creekside community is committed to the following social emotional learning tenets:

Increasing Self-Awareness  

Appreciating and Accepting Others 

Practicing Mindful Decision Making  

Contributing to the Community 

Celebrating Self-Expression

Teachers and administration meet monthly as a team to share successes, challenges and new opportunities to support students, families and each other in each of these facets to make them a part of the learning and growing environment.

Every 2 months we focus on one or more of CASEL’s 5 spheres to implement activities, stories and lessons related to each sphere. The following outline is used for our year round activities.

  • Sept/Oct: Self-Awareness, Self-Management 
  • Nov/Dec: Social Awareness, Relationship Skills 
  • Jan/Feb: Personal Decision-Making, Self-Awareness, Self- Management 
  • March/April: Social Awareness
  • May/June: Personal Decision-Making, Relationship Skills
SEL circle

Classroom teachers are committed and excited to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to grow and express their true selves while at the same time become engaged and thoughtful citizens.

Examples of Social Emotional Learning Activities:

Brain Breaks - Silent Cooperation Games - Human Qualities - Open Session - Yes! And Because… - Escalation/De-escalation - Daily Check-ins - Colors/Emotions Pictionary - Win-Win - Daily Life Ingredients - i-Messages - Cooperative Games - Active listening activities - Appreciations - Buddy interviews - Gratitudes

Future plans: 

  • Community outreach
  • Volunteerism 




Life Ingredients



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