Letter from the Director

Dear Prospective Families:

We are so excited you have interest in our incredible school. Creekside Charter (TK-8th grade) offers four days a week program from 8:30 to 2:45 with enrichment opportunities for students on Friday.

I hope you will find wonderful information about our school in the pages that follow, but please know that print can never replace the incredible energy our faculty, staff, and students bring to our remarkable school. Here is a little about my leadership/ educational beliefs. In 2019, families have difficult choices to make regarding their student’s education.  Creekside Charter seeks to offer the most rigorous and supportive academic program in the Tahoe Truckee Basin. We believe hard work in the classroom combined with the flexibility to pursue one’s passions allow students a pathway to greatness. Our community of engaged learners will challenge the norm while appreciating the structure that a site-based independent program offers them. Our campus belongs to our students, and we seek to create a structure that supports this independent mindset. While our test scores are among the best in the state, it is our commitment to relationships and community that allow us to achieve high academic marks.

Prospective families are encouraged to contact our Director to arrange an individual tour.


About the Director:

The impact students, faculty and parents have had on my life is profound. The educational experiences I have shared with students have pushed me to become a better leader and person. Students express their happiness and discontent with their education in a variety of ways. Placing them at the center of my decision making has given me perspective and afforded me lifelong relationships with students. Faculty have given me the strength to push forward in a profession that takes tremendous dedication. They have stood behind and in front of me as we have blazed unconditional paths that push students forward. Parents have provided me with great reward. Their gratitude for the time and energy I have put into their children has fueled me. Prior to joining Creekside Charter Management I taught, counseled, coached, and led in three of this country’s best school systems. (Newton, MA; Aspen, CO; York, ME) These combined experiences support my work in making Creekside  the best school for our students.

The beliefs of a director matter to the direction and future of a school. Student learning should have urgency to it. Faculty, including administration, should realize that we are competing with a very high paced multi-media world. A student’s apathy towards learning should not solely rest on the shoulders of the student, but rather on the community. Conversely, a student’s appetite for learning should not be confined to traditional learning structures. We have a responsibility to create engaging, reflective, thought provoking, challenging, and fun classroom experiences. We must model and inspire lifelong learning.

Inspiring greatness in all kids,

Jeff Kraunz
530-562-7631 (C)
530-581-1036 x 201


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