Creekside Charter School Student Endorsements

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Creekside Charter School students speak out…

“I love Creekside because everyone is kind and the teachers are awesome. It’s a smaller school so you get to know everyone. And it’s a better learning environment for me than bigger schools.”

– Zen 4th

“Creekside isn’t only a great place to learn, it’s also a great place to make friends and to have fun while you learn.”

– Michelle 4th

“Creekside is a super amazingly awesome school!! I love the teachers, the location right at Squaw and most everything else. It is super fun, and there is always another fun adventure coming your way. The projects we do are super fun, field trips and class too. There are four days and Friday there’s Enrichment classes in the fall and spring and in the winter, you get to ski. Also Creekside now goes through 12th grade!! During the school week we have math, reading, spelling, music, spanish, art, science, social studies and writing too. All of the subjects are super fun. In my opinion Creekside is an awesome school, and I would hate to ever leave.”

– Cameron 5th

“When I came to Creekside I thought, “what a loving, safe, caring place. I want to go to school here.” I felt safe and loved in my classroom every day. I love that the teachers care about you unlike others. Even the principals don’t seem mean. I love where I am and independent study. I like this factor because then I can go on more trips and pursue my dream of being on the US Ski Team. Creekside helps me pursue this because some mornings I can go train. and I get the work I missed and walk back to school since we are right at the hill – you can see people skiing. I love Creekside and am happy to be able to go here.”

– Sophia 5th

“I love my teacher. I love my playground. I love that my teacher loves Minions. I like our principals. When anyone falls or gets hurt I will help them because they are all my friends.”

– Alec 2nd

“I love Creekside because I have friends. I like science class!”

– Luka 1st

“I love my math because it is very fun. I love pizza Thursdays. I love my principals. Every teacher is awesome. I believe everyone has fun. I love my environment here. The playground is totally awesome.”

– Samantha 2nd

“I love Creekside because of the amazing teachers. It’s easy to make friends here with no bullies. It’s a great learning environment.”

– Jesse 4th

“I like Creekside because of the teachers, the activities and especially my teacher, Ms Jess who is special in her own way. She is the best teacher in the whole world! I am excited to be here because everyone is so nice and they are loyal. They are kind and everyone is special in their own kind of way.”

– Noah 3rd

“I like my school because we live in Squaw and we are connected to each other here. I also like that I have friends that are nice. We also study in theme’s like Flat Stanley. I love to come to school because all of the kids are nice to me.”

– Curtis 3rd

“I love the Walk-A-Thon because we run around the school together as a whole school. I like doing things with other classes like reading buddies. I love our art class and all the other classes too. Writing workshop is fun.”

– Haaken Kindergarten

“I love Creekside’s Enrichment classes on Friday. Calendar time is fun because we learn a lot. I love writer’s workshop because I get to write whatever I want and share. We do centers which are really fun.”

– Finn Kindergarten

“I love Creekside because the teachers are nice, we have friends, we have fun and we are safe. We can read and we learn about lots of fun things like this week is all about penguins!”

– Signe 1st

“I have been here since Kindergarten and most of all I like the teachers They are all very nice, and I’m glad they picked this school to teach at because they are amazing. Also I’m super happy that there is no bullying. This is a great school and I am so happy I came here in the first place. It’s flexible here with skiing and other sports. The education is very outstanding. It’s fun to be so close to nature. That’s why we like Creekside.”

– Maddie and Zack 6th

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