Beyond the Core

Beyond Core Curriculum

Creekside has chosen a category of charter school that allows us much freedom to be creative with the structure and curriculum. With this flexibility comes the addition of integrated enrichment electives for all students.


All of the music classes at Creekside (K-6) support the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards for Music. At Creekside, we are particularly focused in authentic performance as we feel it builds character and confidence in our students to be the best they can be. Consistent with the standards, our music curriculum is described below:

The Kindergarten class is learning new age appropriate songs, new rhythms and giving small performances in their class. Students have shared songs from their travels from other countries and we keep these songs in our repertoire as well.

1st and 2nd Grade classes are learning to read and write music. They are learning different rhythms (with various instruments, such as buckets, shakers and tambourines) and are always learning new age appropriate songs.

3rd and 4th Grade class are learning how to play the recorder. We are using a program called, “Recorder Karate” that has each student get a different color “belt” as they learn each song (similar to that of karate). I am pleased to say many have been reaching “black belt” just within the last couple of weeks! Those students are now learning to write and perform their own songs.

The 5th Grade class has developed into its own band. We have 4 drummers, 5 guitarists, 2 violinists and the rest of the students play rhythm or various percussion instruments (shakers, tambourine, etc.). Everyone sings! We are working on traditional folk songs as well as current ones.

The 6th Grade is currently re-writing lyrics and music to a song of their choice for their upcoming performance. They are writing musical notation for the song they picked and working together to have their performance reflect who they truly are inside and show off what they can do musically on their instruments. Everyone sings!


The curriculum utilizes teacher created materials, purchased curricular programs and themes relating to the seasons. We also integrate subject matter from other classes.

​Elementary Curriculum (K-5):
– Teacher created curriculumspanish
– SUBE Spanish
– Sonrisas Spanish School

Topics/themes (subject to change according to student needs/interests)
– September: All about Me/Days/Numbers
– October: Day of the Dead/Halloween
– November: Family & Food/Months
– December: Gifting/Seasons
– January: Winter/New Years
– February: Friendship, Valentine’s
– March: The Forest
– April: Spring/Earth Day
– May: The Planets/Seasons
– June: Ocean/Summer

Life Ingredients

Life Ingredients aims to create an emotionally stable population, one more aware of its thoughts and feelings and more capable of empathy and understanding than any generation in history. Activities focus on 8 essentials: thought, calm, clarity, guidance, observation, gratitude, perspective, and truth. These Life Recipe lessons are designed to help promote positive student development and participation throughout the day. (Life Ingredients)

Fridays (PTO-Sponsored)

Enrichment Fridays offer our children a supervised, experiential educational environment that meets the independent academic engagement requirements for the academic year. During winter season Enrichment Fridays build camaraderie and exposure to nordic and downhill skiing.

The Creekside enrichment program is divided into 3 sessions; Fall, Winter, and Spring. This allows more flexibility for parents to choose just the season or season(s) they wish their students to attend, in addition to more variety and new experiences for the kids.

Friday classes include lego engineering, outdoor education and survival skills, art, yoga, improv and drama, crossfit, biking, and science sessions.

fridays-1 fridays-2 fridays-3

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