Offering Academic Excellence

At Creekside your child’s education is about experiences which promote meaningful learning in an environment where students are guided to be caring citizens, strong leaders and well rounded individuals.

We believe hard work in the classroom combined with the flexibility to pursue one’s passions allow students a pathway to greatness. Our community of engaged learners will challenge the norm while appreciating the structure that a site-based independent program offers them. Our campus belongs to our students, and we seek to create structure that supports this independent mindset.

Creekside named a California Distinguished School

"The California Distinguished Schools Program honors some of California's most exemplary and inspiring public schools"

Creekside Tops Local Schools

The strong test scores at Creekside are a byproduct of students’ love for learning.  We do not subscribe to the one size fits all approach to learning.  In 2021, there are so many wonderful teaching modalities, and we like to say we “eat from the learning buffett”.   Our kids do it all, and they love it.  Our teachers use project based learning, experiential learning, nature-based instruction, place-based learning, and of course, strong teacher-led instruction.  Our outstanding test scores reflect a student’s love of learning.

Creekside Parent Testimonials

"Creekside is nothing short of amazing. I can't say enough kind words about the school and staff. Creekside has provided our daughter with a personalized school experience, from the excellent communications to the loving staff. It's a big happy family, everyone knows each other, and it's such an incredible community. We are so thankful to have found this gem of a school.”
- Kinder Parent
"Creekside rooocks!! Our son just started TK and his happy self has been catapulted to new heights. We've been so impressed by the creativity, love, and professionalism that goes into each part of his curriculum, not to speak of the amount of time he gets to roam the great outdoors to learn and explore. We could not be more excited about our choice (and luck!) of sending our son to Creekside."
- TK Parent
"In three years at Creekside, we've found a focus on growing our kiddo's whole self -- social, emotional, intellectual, and beyond -- and a place where students learn by doing. Teachers and administration are thoughtful, creative, and rigorous. Communication is transparent, and frequent. The physical setting is exceptional and woven into learning. It is a caring community, where families bring a diversity of life stories. There is a tremendous sense of we're all in this together."
- 1st Grade Parent
"Creekside has made my son excited to go to school. He comes home excited to tell me about what he learned from a science project or from a hike they took up Shirley Canyon. My younger son spends most of his time in the outdoor classroom, using nature to learn math, science, life skills and getting a ton of exercise romping around in the streams or climbing small boulders. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of schools for my family."
- K and 5th Parent
"I have had three students at Creekside. My two oldest went to Creekside K- 8th, and my youngest is still there. They were beyond prepared for high school. We have had such a good experience with this community of parents, teachers and students."
- 5th Grade Parent
“How truly lucky my kids were to have spent their school life at Creekside. And how lucky I was to be a part of such a caring, positive and loving group of people that treated my kids as their own. Please know that everything you do and everything you sacrifice to be as amazing as you all are has not gone unnoticed. My kids are brighter, more thoughtful, loving humans because of you. Our family cannot thank you enough.”
- Alumni Parent

The Creekside Charter Structure

During the school year, we provide in-classroom instruction Monday through Thursday. Friday’s are independent-study days for all grades. While families can decide to plan their own Friday schedules, the Creekside PTO offers an Enrichment option for interested students with activities tailored to appeal to each grade level. 

This non-classroom based structure does require more at-home study in order to meet state requirements. However, the added flexibility offers more time to pursue outside activities and passions. We know that if kids have time to pursue outside passions they will be more likely to engage academically.  As students progress through our school they become independent thinkers and are able to balance their academic and extracurricular commitments.  These skills prepare them for higher level learning in high school, college and life. 

Beyond the Core

In addition to California core subjects (math, english, social studies, and science), we offer electives that support whole child development.

TK through 4th Grade Students

Art Focus

Art allows students to grow their right brains and push their creative boundaries.  Our art teacher works collaboratively with our classroom and multicultural education teachers to use art to link art to core instruction.

Multicultural Education

Students will delve into multicultural learning through language (Spanish), song, literature, art, and cultural immersion activities. An emphasis will be placed on diversity, equity, and inclusion education.

Social Emotional Learning

We utilize Changemakers curriculum. Changemakers utilizes free-standing lessons and teaching practices to promote social emotional learning (SEL) in students. The program offers differentiated curricula for grades Pre-K – 5th. Each grade level curriculum contains 35-52 lessons (depending on the grade) organized into units relating to five overarching themes: Safe Relationships, Self-regulation, Awareness of Self, Understanding Others, and Changemaker. 

In addition to Changemakers, we utilize Life Ingredients.  Life Ingredients aims to create an emotionally stable population, one more aware of its thoughts and feelings and more capable of empathy and understanding than any generation in history. Activities focus on eight essentials: thought, calm, clarity, guidance, observation, gratitude, perspective, and truth. These Life Recipe lessons are designed to help promote positive student development and participation throughout the day.

5th through 8th Grade Students

Service Learning

Through the lens of our local community, students will have an opportunity to learn the systems of local government, non-profit structure, and the politics that shape local decision making in the Tahoe region. Students will transition this knowledge into service learning projects in the region. Through knowledge and service, students will learn the foundational steps in creating positive change within the community they live in, thus giving them the skills to enact change on a local, national and global level as they transition to adulthood.

Enrichment Fridays

In the fall and the spring, our PTO sponsors incredible enrichment opportunities for our students to participate in.  These vary based on grade level but include indoor and outdoor adventures.  

Many families choose our school for the proximity to Palisades Tahoe.  We have an incredible relationship with the mountain.  While not mandatory, we encourage our families to take part in the Friday ski programs offered by the mountain to our students.  Palisades Tahoe offers 15% off for introductory programs to our students and scholarships are also available through SAF.


Language acquisition is so important in the modern world.  Our goal is for students to enter high school Spanish 2 at a minimum.  Many of our students enter Spanish 3 as ninth graders. 

Social Emotional Learning

Students in the older grades transition from Changemakers Social Emotional curriculum to Restorative Justice practice.  Teachers work with students daily to work through self discovery, conflict, and team building. 

Like the younger grades, teachers also utilize Life Ingredients to calm the mind.

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