Offering Academic Excellence

At Creekside your child’s education is about experiences which promote meaningful learning in an environment where students are guided to be caring citizens, strong leaders and well rounded individuals.

We believe hard work in the classroom combined with the flexibility to pursue one’s passions allow students a pathway to greatness. Our community of engaged learners will challenge the norm while appreciating the structure that a site-based independent program offers them. Our campus belongs to our students, and we seek to create structure that supports this independent mindset.

The Creekside Charter Structure

We provide in-classroom instruction Monday-Thursday. Fridays are independent-study days for all grades. While families can decide to plan their own Friday schedules, Creekside PTO offers an Enrichment option for interested students with activities tailored to appeal to each grade level. 

This non-classroom based structure does require more at-home study in order to meet state requirements. However, the added flexibility offers more time to pursue outside activities and passions. We know that if kids have time to pursue outside passions they will be more likely to engage academically.  As students progress through our school they become independent thinkers and are able to balance their academic and extra-curricular commitments.  These skills prepare them for higher level learning in high school, college and life.   

Beyond the Core

Creekside has chosen a category of charter school that allows us much freedom to be creative with the structure and curriculum. With this flexibility comes the addition of integrated enrichment electives for all students.

Because our philosophy is holistic, we believe the arts are not extras but essentials; we provide students with many opportunities to explore and express themselves through instrumental music class, the Life Ingredients program, integrated classroom art, Spanish and Enrichment Fridays.

(Please note that due to COVID-19, options have changed. We hope to resume regular enrichment classes as soon as we are able.)

Did you know that by 2028 Spanish will be the second most spoken language across the globe? For this reason, though not exclusively, we hope you understand the value of learning a second language. Communication is the key to creating lasting and meaningful relationships which will bring us all to a better understanding of the world we live in.

Life Ingredients aims to create an emotionally stable population, one more aware of its thoughts and feelings and more capable of empathy and understanding than any generation in history. Activities focus on 8 essentials: thought, calm, clarity, guidance, observation, gratitude, perspective, and truth. These Life Recipe lessons are designed to help promote positive student development and participation throughout the day.

Creekside Music

All of the music classes at Creekside support the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards for Music. We are particularly focused in authentic performance as we feel it builds character and confidence in our students to be the best they can be. Consistent with the standards, our music curriculum includes age appropriate songs, new rhythms, giving small performances, learning to read and write music, and writing musical notation.

Enrichment Fridays offer our children a supervised, experiential educational environment that meets the independent academic engagement requirements for the academic year. The Creekside enrichment program is divided into 3 sessions; Fall, Winter, and Spring. This allows more flexibility for parents to choose the season(s) they wish their students to attend, in addition to more variety and new experiences for the kids.

Friday classes include outdoor education and survival skills, art, rock climbing, swimming, and science sessions.