Meet the Creekside Team

Jeff Kraunz

Executive Director

Creekside is a magical place to work.  Inspired learning at the base of Squaw Valley Ski Area.  It’s a dream come true to share my days with a community of people that care about academics, student relationships and the community as a whole.  I encourage you to reach out with questions about our school.  Please schedule a time to tour our campus.  I look forward to welcoming you into our Creekside learning family.  

Lynn Bohrnstedt

Executive Accounts Manager

I have been involved in the many phases of Creekside since 2003. I have seen it grow and evolve and couldn’t be more proud to now be heading its business department. I look forward to the future of Creekside Cooperative Charter School and working with the wonderful staff, parents and students.

Tara Brockway

Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional kindergarten is a time to play, observe, ask questions, solve problems and learn how to interact with our classroom community in a kind and respectful way. My goal is to help your student discover ways to take care of themselves and others so that they are happy, considerate, helpful citizens ready to be the next caretakers of our planet. 

Maryn Feyereisen


My personal view as an educator is that education is all about instilling a love for learning in students and giving students plenty of hands-on opportunities to practice the process of learning and growth. Because that’s what learning is–it’s not always about the end product; it is about the process and the journey and who we become on the way to reaching the end goal. 

Elea Bosque

First Grade

Coming soon

Jenny Worthy

Second grade

I have experience teaching pre-K, K, and 6th grade over the last 10 years or so. I also ran a Bed and Breakfast Inn for 8 years and have a strong musical background. I sang in musical theater and opera productions prior to getting my teaching credential, so your children can expect some fun music and art projects as we progress through our core standards throughout the year. We learn a lot and have a great time in our classroom!

Jessica Loring

Third Grade

I’ve taught K-3 in diverse populations, and absolutely love what I do! My goal in the classroom is to use communication and compassion towards all students in order to create a positive environment where students treat one other with respect and kindness. I offer guidance and direction throughout the learning process, using differentiation, inquiry and hand-on experiences, while encouraging students to embrace their eduction and make it their own. I believe in the power of communication and collaboration, and enjoy working with Creekside’s amazing staff, students and families. 

Gillian Tomasini

fourth grade

I have taught with Creekside since 2001, teaching Kindergarten, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades. Recognizing the importance of positive attitudes to encourage and inspire students to expect and reach their highest potentials, my teaching style incorporates inquiry, allowing students to develop and apply skills across through research, inference, problem solving, and reflective, critical and creative thinking.

Steven Benesi

fifth grade

I’m so excited to spend each year learning with the students at Creekside. I look forward to the interesting discussions, activities, and experiences the year will hold!

Susan Bower

sixth grade

I bring my adventure racing experience, which is mainly about teamwork and pushing oneself, into the classroom.  Adventure racing is about working as a team to reach to a common goal. I create a class where everyone has a sense of belonging and has the skills to succeed, emotionally and mentally.  Inspiring each student to go beyond their limits in a safe, fun, exciting, and challenging environment is my main goal. Being on a successful team means everyone will grow, learn, and transform.

Gretchen Brugman


Literature, Writing, History, and the Joys of Middle School.

Grete Giesin


I strive to provide a fun, interactive, and constructivist approach to education that encourages students to take hold of their learning and thrive. I am passionate about education, teaching our students not only the “what” and “why,” but also the “how”- HOW to apply the knowledge they learn to be successful, actively engaged citizens of the global human community. I value critical thinking, interaction, engagement, and hands-on project-based learning that allows children to make mistakes and grow.

Monica Caldari

World Languages Dept. Head, Spanish K-8

Approximately 15 years of my life have been spent teaching English, Spanish, and Social Studies at every grade level, at inner city public schools, in Puerto Rico, Connecticut, Northern California, and now in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Because of my multicultural background and extensive travel, cultural diversity has played a critical role in my teaching practice. It is an aspect within education that must be addressed in order to create a more compassionate, respectful and truly educated society.

Todd Tanis


Todd Tanis is a prolific composer, musician, artist and teacher in Truckee.  Over the years, he has performed at many churches, community theaters and senior communities.  He created the acoustic murals in the Truckee Community Arts Center, sings in the Truckee Tahoe Community Chorus and performs in the Truckee Community Theater. Todd coaches alpine ski racing at Squaw Valley and coached boys gymnastics for 18 years. Todd enjoys being with friends, mountain biking, trail running, hiking and figure skating.