High School

Squaw Valley Prep is so excited to launch our virtual high school for the 16/17 school year. In 2016, students can prepare for college in a virtual setting allowing them time to pursue their outside passions and work. we want students who are self-motivated, want to work at their own pace, and be excited to learn.

Why Go Virtual?

• Individually paced courses
• Remedial curriculum designed for specific subjects so students can be successful
• Caring teachers who support students every day and monitor daily progress
• Flexible curriculum can be supplemented with projects
• High level of academic accountability
• Flexible schedule; students can work any time of day
• 13+ Advanced Placement classes
• One on one assistance from credentialed teachers
• Concurrent enrollment options
• Rigorous and Common Core standards based curriculum with significant levels of student support and assistance
• Early graduation options

What student’s are right for a virtual high school?

• Students in need of increased class offerings such as a multitude of interesting and unique electives and Advanced Placement courses as well as multiple foreign languages (German, Mandarin, Spanish, French)
• Students missing credits and need to catch up
• Accelerated learners who want to graduate early or with college credits after high school
• Homeschool students
• Students who are socially facing challenges in traditional public school
• Students needing more one on one attention
• Students who have scheduling conflicts with traditional schools and have outside interests that demand their time such as sports or work
• Students not comfortable in a large classroom settings
• Students with medical issues

How does it work?

• Local CA credentialed teachers provide daily oversight, motivation, and academic guidance
• Students get passwords and log in to curriculum sites and classes open. Parents can log in as well
• Instruction and assessment includes research, essay writing, multiple choice assessments, short answer assessments, video conferencing, animation, labs.
• Written assignments are graded by CA teachers
• The system shows hourly/daily student progress in each class
• Students can reset assignments or tests for which they received unsatisfactory grades by re engaging in the instruction and retaking the assignment up to 2 times
• Parents can “see” everything a student is doing, completion rates, grades, assignments; it is like getting a report card every day.

Contact us today to talk more about our College Prep WASC accredited curriculum, and whether a virtual learning experience is right for you.

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Executive Director
Creekside Charter Management
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