2019/20 fall fund drive

Support Your Child's Education

Help us reach our goal of 90% participation and

$90,000 in funds raised!

helping kids be their best

Your donation helps Creekside support the three pillars of academics, community and character. All funds go to our annual budget, which is publicly available via the CCM Board.

community support

We are asking for your help. The Annual Fund would like to achieve at least 90% community participation. Together we can make a difference.

why an annual fund

Creekside provides a high quality education but receives less state funding per student than is needed. The Annual Fund is a positive way to fill this gap (~$500 per student).

make a donation

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. You can even make a pledge and spread payments out over the academic year to increase your total contribution.

make a one-time or recurring pledge donation

For questions about the annual fund, please contact Mike Ellis, mellis@creeksidesquaw.org, and Jeff Kraunz, jkraunz@creeksidesquaw.org. For non-profit tax purposes, Creekside Charter’s EIN# is 46-2399959.

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