Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the tuition?

Creekside Charter is direct funded charter school.  We are a free public school.

What is a “non-classroom based” charter?

In California, there are different funding models for charter schools.  Non-classroom based charters allow schools to receive funding based on student growth.  Daily attendance is determined by work production rather than on seat time.  At Creekside, this gives our students great flexibility to pursue outside passions, travel with their families, and create experience outside of the classroom.    While many non-classroom based charters focus primarily on home study, at Creekside we offer four full days of classroom a week.

How do I apply?

Per California charter law, we admit students based on a lottery system.  When a family applies on our enrollment page, we issue them a family lottery number.  Our lottery is held on the last business day of March for the following school year.  During the school year, students are admitted based on available space.

Where are you located?

We are located at the base of Squaw Valley at the base of Tram Face.  Our address is 1916 Chamonix Place, Olympic Valley California.

How many students are in a class?

We cap our class size at 22.

Do you serve lunch?

On Thursday, parent volunteers offer a pizza lunch, but we do not serve lunch on the other days.

If students are in class only four days a week, what do they do on the 5th day (Friday)?

Creekside students still have academic responsibilities on Fridays.  We refer to this work as independent study.   Many students will work on their independent study work throughout the week so they can participate in our PTO sponsored enrichment program.

I’ve heard Creekside gives more homework (we call it home practice) than other schools.  Is this true?

Home practice times are subject to the individual.  Students at Creekside do work hard, but our expectations are reasonable.  Because of the independent study on Friday, students do have more home practice throughout the week.    Overall, our students have more non-academic
than most students.  We know that if kids have time to pursue outside passions they will be more likely to engage academically.

Is anything offered on Fridays?

Our PTO sponsors a robust enrichment program.  Please visit our Creekside PTO enrichment page for more information:

What is the volunteer commitment?

As a Charter, we rely heavily on our volunteers.  We ask families to volunteer 30 hours throughout the course of the year.  While this helps our school, the biggest gift is modeling a volunteer spirit for our students.  Parents are a big part of our community!

Is there a bus?  Do you arrange carpooling?

We do not offer a bus service, but many of our students do take TART (Tahoe Area Regional Transit).  They offer daily service from Truckee and Tahoe City.
We do not arrange carpooling, but our active PTO members have helped many families arrange car-pooling.

Can my student shadow for a day?

We always welcome students and families to visit our school.  We find in the younger grades, that a true shadow is not appropriate.  In grades Tk-4 we have families visit classes with the Director.  In grades 5-8 we do offer shadow experiences so that students can experience a portion of our day.