CCM Governance Board

Creekside Charter Management, a California not for profit corporation. The Creekside Charter Management Board believes that involved parents and staff are a valuable part of every academic endeavor. As Creekside Charter develop and grow, very important decisions are made on staffing, facilities, budget and other operational matters. The CCM Board works in partnership with the Executive Director, teachers, district and parents to consider the schools’ mission and education philosophy, as well as the voice of our stakeholders in carrying out its duty in establishing budgetary and policy standards. We call this team leadership and it often takes place in the form of town hall meetings, CCM Governance Board Meetings, PTO meetings and committee meetings where all are encouraged to participate in a solutions-orientated manner.​ This approach brings amazing ideas to the table and allows us to remain true to our mission of individualizing the education process, not only for all students, but also for parents and staff.

CCM Governance Board Members:

President: Sean Whelan Term Ends on 12/31/18  President through August, 2018
Vice President: Gerard Fenech Term Ends on 12/31/18 Vice President through August, 2018
Secretary: Valerie Burman  Term Ends on 12/31/19 Secretary through August, 2018
Kevin Sloane Term Ends on 12/31/18

Rachel Crus Term Ends on 12/31/ 18

Michael Ellis  Term Ends on 12/31/19

Aaron Sturm Term Ends on 3/31/20



Our Executive Director is happy to communicate messages to any Board members. To contact Jeff Kraunz, e-mail or call his cell 530-562-7631.

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Board Approved Plans, Policies and Charters:

The CCM Board is in the process of updating and adopting policies specific to our small charters.  Below are approved CCM Policies.  If policy is not listed, we defer to the Newcastle Elementary School District (charter authorizer) policies.

Creekside 4th Amended Charter

CCM Conflict of Interest Policy

CCS 2016/2017 Education Protection Account (EPA) Spending Plan

SVP 2016/2017  Education Protection Account (EPA) Spending Plan

Creekside 18/19  LCAP

SVP 17/18  LCAP

Site Safety Plan 

Suicide Prevention Plan 

Homeless Student Policy 

CCM Admissions Policy 

CCM Health and Immunization Policy 

CCM Sexual Harassment Policy

CCM Sexual Harassment Procedures 

CCM Students Complaint Procedure 

CCM Suspension/ Expulsion Policy 

CCM Uniform Complaint Procedure 


 Regularly Scheduled Board Meetings- Agenda’s are added 72 hours prior to meetings.  Minutes are added after they have been approved by the board at the following meeting.  

September 10th:  Agenda

October 1st:

November 5th:

December 3rd:

December 12th(if needed):

January 7th:

February 4th:

March 4th:

April 1st:

May 6th:

June 3rd:

June 17th: