Why Creekside Charter?


Why Creekside Charter?

Since 1998, Creekside has been offering small class sizes in a family oriented community where parents and staff have a voice in education while teachers support and inspire students emotionally and academically.

At Creekside your child’s education is about experiences which promote meaningful learning in an environment where students are guided to be caring citizens, strong leaders and well rounded individuals. At Creekside, individualized and personalized education is rooted in a small community. Our program inspires the greatness in each student and looks to challenge, support, and celebrate individual academic and outside passions. Teachers have the decision making power in their classrooms to collaborate freely and make quick and effective changes to meet a student’s need.

Creekside’s small class size allows for innovation in its commitment to meet each child’s unique academic and social/emotional needs. Our dynamic faculty inspires students with lessons which observe Common Core standards while being engaging and creative. Because our philosophy is holistic, we believe the arts are not extras but essentials; we provide students with many opportunities to explore and express themselves through instrumental music class, integrated classroom art, Spanish and Enrichment Fridays.

Creekside acknowledges and appreciates the fact that each child is at an educational level that promotes continuous growth and improvement. Students are guided to new levels through best teaching practices, mentoring with middle and high-school students, intervention resources, parent volunteers and peer partnering. Everyone is a teacher!

1. Community
At Creekside, relationship building and the team effort between staff, students and families is unique. Everything we do is relationship-based (which is antithetical to the culture and bureaucracy found in many schools). This leads families to feel more empowered in their child’s education through greater accessibility and connection and builds lasting trust and relationships.

Creekside’s traditions create an invested and involved community and are the cornerstone of the school. School-wide assemblies, Kindergarten’s Valentine’s Tea Party, Tahoe Reel Fest (student created film showcase), Walk-A-Thon, community holiday feasts, Thursday Spirit Days, reading buddies, and service-learning projects offer engaging opportunities for all. Through these varied educational and community experiences students are actively involved in a trusting, positive social/emotional community and engaged.

2. Hands on Connections
Utilizing our proximity to Squaw Valley and the surrounding area, Creekside has practiced a philosophy of education to infuse direct experiences with the learning environment and content.

Trips around the state, special assemblies with experts in their fields, scientific experiment and invention, integrating art across the curriculum, museum visits, Friday enrichment classes and student-driven projects are some of the ways our students learn empirically. This approach cultivates joy for learning through connection and discovery.

3. Social/Emotional Support
Emotional and social intelligence are key determinants to an individual’s success in life. Creekside, located in the heart of Olympic Valley, embraces the Olympic Values curriculum.  As Olympians do, we commit each day to Friendship, Respect and Excellence.

We believe there is an important triangle in every student’s life: the student, parents/family, and the school. Students’ parents are asked to check in with teachers and school administration in order to get to the heart of issues which may arise in the child’s school life. Clear behavioral expectations create strong and safe relationships between the team and allow teachers to maximize engaged learning time. Through working collaboratively and keeping communication lines open, we are better able to shepherd students through the challenges and achievements of childhood.

Creekside implements mindfulness practice http://www.lifeingredients.com by bringing our resident expert and grandmother of Creekside students into the classrooms throughout the year. Mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand to bring clarity, focus, peace, and awareness into our students’ lives. Mindfulness allows students to pay attention with purpose and be gentle as they explore what lies underneath the busyness of the mind’s activities. It helps students get to know themselves and be gentle and kind in that knowing.

4. Independent Study Offered
Independent study provides excellent opportunities for students and families to engage in other non-classroom based experiential learning experiences. There is nothing more rewarding than direct learning about Roman civilization than a family trip to Rome.

Students are encouraged to do so with the simple submission of an Independent Study Notice to the child’s teacher in advance. This gives the teacher time to prepare assignments and support students in their overall success of time management. Students will then provide evidence of academic engagement when returning back to class for credit.


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