The Creekside family

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Our mission

Creekside Charter School is committed to nurturing the whole student by cultivating high academic achievement and strong social development in grades TK through 8th grade. By encouraging students to discover and pursue their interests, talents, and passions, Creekside and its community partners enable students to become self-motivated, competent, lifelong learners who are active contributors to the community, while pursuing academic excellence.

Creekside is a place where individualized and personalized education is rooted in a small community. Since emotional and social intelligence are key determinants to an individual’s success in life, Creekside implements mindfulness practice to bring clarity, focus, peace, and awareness into our students’ lives. Creekside, located in the heart of Olympic Valley, embraces the Olympic Values curriculum.  As Olympians do, we commit each day to Friendship, Respect and Excellence.


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About Us

Since 1998, Creekside has been offering small class sizes in a family oriented community. Parents and staff have a voice in education while teachers support and inspire students emotionally and academically. At Creekside, your child’s education centers on experiences which promote meaningful learning in an environment where students are guided to be caring citizens, strong leaders and well-rounded individuals. 

We believe there is an important triangle in every student’s life: the student, parents/family, and the school. Clear behavioral expectations create strong and safe relationships between the team and allow teachers to maximize engaged learning time. Through working collaboratively and keeping communication lines open, we are better able to shepherd students through the challenges and achievements of childhood.

Creekside's Pillars

Cultivating Community

At Creekside, relationship building and the team effort between staff, students and families is unique. Everything we do is relationship-based, leading families to feel more empowered in their child’s education through greater accessibility and connection and building lasting trust and relationships.

Academic Excellence

Students are guided to new levels through best teaching practices, mentoring with other students, intervention resources, parent volunteers and peer partnering. Everyone is a teacher! This approach cultivates joy for learning through connection and discovery.

Developing Character

Creekside acknowledges and appreciates the fact that each child is at an educational level that promotes continuous growth and improvement. The integration of social/emotional learning into the classroom supports positive relationship building, showing empathy for others and responsible decision-making.