• Creekside Community
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Creekside Charter: a TK through 8th grade school that values relationships that support a student’s sense of self, academic rigor with an emphasis on critical thought, and flexibility to support a student’s outside passions.

Inspiring Greatness in Every Kid.


Strength in Learning

Creekside Charter Management is committed to nurturing the whole student by cultivating high academic achievement and strong social development in grades Transitional kindergarten through 8th grade.

Building a Stronger Community

By encouraging students to discover and pursue their interests, talents, and passions, Creekside Charter School and its community partners enable students to become self-motivated, competent, lifelong learners who are active contributors to the community, while pursuing academic excellence. Our dynamic, collaborative learning model emphasizes experiential instruction, social and environmental consciousness, and an awareness of each student’s unique potential. Students are empowered to become positive contributors to society through partnerships with education specialists, parents, peers and within the community.

Education Powered by you

We believe hard work in the classroom combined with the flexibility to pursue one’s passions allow students a pathway to greatness. Our community of engaged learners will challenge the norm while appreciating the structure that a site-based independent program offers them. Our campus belongs to our students, and we seek to create structure that supports this independent mindset.


Instilling a Love of Learning.


“I love Creekside because everyone is kind and the teachers are awesome. It’s a smaller school so you get to know everyone. And it’s a better learning environment for me than bigger schools.”
– Zen 6th